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The GCSE retake challenge.

Imagine a year when all our efforts to improve sixth form students’ English and Maths worked for nearly everyone. A year when the English and Maths skills of all those post-16 students who achieved grade 3’s at school improved to … Continue reading

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‘Pick your own’ performance measure.

England’s school and college performance tables are full of fascinating information. This information gives a profile of different providers and the idea is that this can help us make judgements and comparisons. Any tables based on data, assuming they are … Continue reading

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The post-16 retake challenge

I think it is a reasonable aspiration that 16-18 year olds who haven’t achieved a threshold standard in English and Maths should continue to study both subjects in some form as part of their programme of study post-16. If possible, students should … Continue reading

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Results Day: best of days, worst of days.

It’s a love / hate thing. On the one hand results day is a wonderful moment of celebration when all the hard work put in by students and staff is publicly celebrated, a moment when young people can reflect on … Continue reading

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People’s College and Top Academy: which is best?

Imagine two colleges, let’s call them People’s College and Top Academy. We want to compare them, so we turn to the national performance tables which tell us that the average A-level point score for People’s College is 200 (C-) compared … Continue reading

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Which counts most 16-18: disadvantage or prior achievement?

What are the respective impacts of socio-economic disadvantage and prior achievement on student success post-16? We now have measures which help us to understand and compare both. These data are very useful at institutional level to establish the difference between … Continue reading

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Celebrating success or manipulating data?

The Department for Education’s public relations machine seems very keen on London Academy of Excellence (LAE), the 16-19 free school established in Newham 2 years ago  by a group of fee-charging schools. They routinely re-tweet complimentary media coverage of LAE … Continue reading

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