I live in East London and work in Further Education policy.

I was a college principal for 16 years and a teacher for 20 years before that. 

Blogging in a personal capacity about education, politics, culture and ideas.

Tweeting @eddieplayfair

3 Responses to About

  1. terrywrigley says:

    Dear Ed, it’s been really exciting seeing your blog. I don’t think we’ve met since a gathering in Leicester. I’ve been working with Howard Stevenson coordinating research support for the NUT’s Stand Up For Education campaign, and would very much like to re-post some of these. I’m also keen to hear more about the Bac from below.


  2. dancingprincesses says:

    Fascinated to get your perspective on executive pay, Eddie. There has been some discussion of this on my blog (which relates to further education [FE]),
    The argument within FE is that very high executive salaries are necessary (200K +), because only with very high salaries can we attract people who have the same characteristics as business-minded people.
    I’m highly sceptical about this argument. I think there are many FE professionals who would happily take much lower salaries (let’s say double the top salary of their most experienced teaching colleagues – £60K) to take leadership positions within the sector. I think people in FE would value leadership positions because they have a political commitment to what the sector does, rather than to feather their own nests?



    • Thanks for your comment. These are decisions for each college corporation to make but £200K per year does seem very high for a college principal. In general I think that colleges need good educators as well as good managers to lead them. It’s not an easy job these days but on the whole I think that collegiality and shared leadership is a more effective approach than the ‘heroic’ model.


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