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Giving peace a voice.

In 2016 so far, we have witnessed the horrific murder of a British M.P., the Orlando massacre, brutal attacks in Nice, Munich and elsewhere. Shocking terrorist atrocities in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria and many other places account for nearly 10,000 … Continue reading

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Educating after the November 13th attacks.

Philippe Meirieu on keeping the big questions open The French educationalist Philippe Meirieu reflects in Café Pedagogique on how the French education system should respond to the 13th November Paris massacre: “Our society’s response to terrorism must keep faith with … Continue reading

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France: “teachers need to resist”

Following the terrorist outrages of November 13th , French sociologist Francois Dubet reflected on the Café Pedagogique website on the impact of such atrocities on the work of schools and on the role of schools in the aftermath of the … Continue reading

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Democratic emotions in the face of barbarism – Philippe Meirieu

In the aftermath of the massacre of 147 people at Garissa University College in Kenya on 2 April it is difficult to find any positive emotions to draw on. The slaughter of young people in their place of learning shocks … Continue reading

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Laïcité, égalité, diversité

Mon article du 15 Mars 2015 pour le site Globaliz Now Le principe de laïcité doit permettre de faire disparaitre le risque extrémiste et permettre le « vivre-ensemble » en France. L’éducation en Angleterre ne partage pas la tradition laïque et républicaine … Continue reading

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Colleges and violent extremism

I work in a large inner city sixth form college with 2,600 students in London’s 3rd most socio-economically deprived borough where unemployment, poverty and homelessness are more common than average. Another way of describing the college is that it is also … Continue reading

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