Labour pains

Sapiens and Simplex are discussing the future of their party:

Sapiens: We need to make ourselves popular again…

Simplex:…but not adopt vote-winning policies.

Sap: We need to listen to the electorate…

Sim:…but not simply pander to what people want.

Sap: We need to be aspirational…

Sim:…but not raise people’s expectations too much.

Sap: We need to set out clear values…

Sim:…but not principles which seem too pure.

Sap: We need to become a mass party…

Sim:…but not attract too many people we might disagree with.

Sap: We need to show our economic competence…

Sim:…but not by proposing alternatives to austerity.

Sap: We need to expect the better-off to contribute more…

Sim:…but not be seen as ‘unfriendly’ to business.

Sap: We need to think the unthinkable…

Sim:…but not challenge received thinking.

Sap: We need to be radical…

Sim:…but not too different.

Sap: We need to win next time…

Sim:…but not by proposing much change.

Labour leadership

Simplex and Sapiens have also dicussed:

Education policy (Sep 2014) and the economic impact of exam results (Dec 2014)

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Principal of Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc) East London. Blogging about education, politics and culture in a personal capacity. I also tweet at @eddieplayfair
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3 Responses to Labour pains

  1. dancingprincesses says:

    Fun analysis Eddie, but how would you vote now? Jeremy Corbyn? I’m considering rejoining Labour so can vote (left after Iraq, having been a member for many years, & Labour was the party of my parents and more importantly grandparents – miners in Wales).

  2. We need a leader who offers a positive alternative, can work with all sections of the party and win new support. Jeremy Corbyn can do that.

  3. It sounds like a calm rational Socratic dialogue, rather different from the excited enthusiastic noisy real thing – a glimpse of one such is attached! Jackie

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